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Wall Machine Characteristics And Its Development Trend

Sep 08, 2016

What is a wall panel machine, as its name implies, wallboard machine is the production of wall panels of devices. With the rapid development of the economy and opening, the building industry is booming, a lot of material development in energy saving and environmental protection. Wallboard machinery at this time there is a qualitative development, is lightweight wall panels of the wall machine machines, have been recognized by the wife, whose main characteristic is that production process is simple, the device automatically high, good manual labor cost savings realized industrialized assembly line production and pollution-free production process. Wall machine energy consumption is very low, without high temperature, high pressure, using chemical reaction itself produces heat, and will be able to meet the requirements of production process. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, fast and easy to operate, can be widely used, no additional action is required, puttying can directly use; nailing, sawing, and pollution-free, can be slotted directly laying of pipeline operation, could well reduce the wall facing engineering construction cycle, shorten the wall. Also can be widely used in various types of construction of non-load-bearing partition walls; can be used for any surface decoration.

Second, the characteristics of their products with high strength, lightweight wall Board insulation, moisture-proof, waterproof, fire prevention, heat shock resistance, impact resistance and so on.