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Wall Machine Before Using Equipment Considerations

Sep 08, 2016

Wall machine equipment as the production equipment, to carry out detailed checks before they are used to ensure normal operation. for the convenience of users, our company specially for you summarize the wallboard machine needs to be checked before they are used in the project, I hope to help you.

1, wall machine devices need to be placed on a stable and dry surface, arrangement of pipe as short as possible, less straight and turning on or turning big bend the pipe joints cannot leak, vertical lines to fix, and all piping must not be stepped on.

2, check the wall machine equipment for power supply, motor, electric control box there are no missing, loose, short circuit, grounding is intact, insulation-in-compliance. check motor direction is correct.

3, check whether the insulation board air compressor oil, whether pharmaceutical pump oil shortages, speed reducer gear oil shortage, belt conveyor adequacy of oils and lubricants, mixer, etc. check gas tank for water, if there is a drain.

4, check the wall extruded tube of the machine it is lack of grease, adjusted to the foaming liquid and slurry method.