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Wall Machine

Sep 08, 2016

Light compound wall Board is specialized in the production of lightweight wall board equipment of production machines. The product surface smooth, sleek, high density, realizes the industrialization of the new architectural partition wall plate assembly line production. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. Completely changed the previous template, die-casting defects. Such as: mold volume, turnover is low; electric heating and steam heating requirements; product category single; sound.

Light panels using lightweight aggregate (expanded perlite, haydite shale, EPS particles, cinder, etc), Binder (cement, gypsum, magnesium oxychloride cement), filler (fly ash, slag, tailings, construction waste vegetable fibres, etc), reinforcement materials (fiberglass, steel wire, steel, etc). Main uses: for the frame structure maintained both inside and outside the walls of the House.