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Partition Board Production Line Wall Panel Features And Advantages

Sep 08, 2016

Lightweight: compared with red brick, structural load drop about 50%, compared with aerated or small hollow block, structural load about reducing 20%;

High strength: spiral extrusion, high density, compressive strength of 9.7MPa, equivalent to red-brick strength; advanced reinforcing technology, greatly strengthened the wall hanging and shock resistance, seismic behavior in the similar wall material in the lead;

Low shrinkage: the stability of raw materials, mixing and uniformity, the exclusive "saturated steam" to ensure that the contraction of the walls value ≤ 0.32mm/m;

High sound insulation: sound transmission loss of single wall 40~50dB, meets the requirements of modern residential architecture;

Fire protection: fire resistance ≥ 1.5h, non-toxic gases at high temperatures and can be used for firewall;

High resistance to water: a promise not to return to base, do not peel;

High efficiency: product planing plate width, without plastering, stated (600mm), height depending on the project, flexible construction, construction period is greatly shortened, investment performance significantly increased;

Processing: the product can be drill, saw, nail, free cutting, pipeline laying with convenient, fast.