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Expert Advice Building Material Machinery Industry Development

Sep 08, 2016

In recent days, invite experts both at home and abroad, haian town building material machinery industry development, the China building material machinery industry development strategies and seminars are currently machinery industrial transformation and upgrading, the county building materials machinery enterprises to participate in activities.

Expert integrated international and domestic construction machinery industry development trends, national development policy for delivery of building materials machinery industry. Experts say that building material machinery industry is inevitable. Enterprise development in transition and set your sights on innovation, should focus on the industrialization of construction, green, intelligent, transition to a modern upgrade. To the ecological civilization construction, transformation and upgrading of around the country to speed up the development of agricultural mechanization. To protect intellectual property rights, technical reserves. The "Thirteen-Five" period, MSC construction machinery enterprises to make technology innovation, product innovation, management innovation, has made a new breakthrough in innovation.