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Environmentally-friendly Cement Brick Machine And Rapid Development Of New Wall Materials Equipment

Sep 08, 2016

In recent years, the wall materials in the market as a whole, environmental protection cement brick, gas blocks, new wall materials gradually replaced the entrenched in China for thousands of years, "Qin bricks and Han tiles" in the wall material has led to a revolutionary change in the field, replace the clay bricks and get the maximum development in the shortest time. Environmentally-friendly cement brick by virtue of their environmental, energy-efficient, low-carbon advantage leading the whole future development trend of wall materials.

Environmentally-friendly cement brick is the main use of fly ash, cinders, sand, construction waste, ore tailings etc as the main raw material, without high temperature calcined to produce wall materials. Cement-brick in the wall materials in the field of environmental protection have developed rapidly, there are three main factors:

, Environmental protection, energy-saving, low-carbon environment development trends

According to incomplete statistics, clay brick production in China cost more than 70 million tons of standard coal each year, 1 million acres of damaged farmland, which has been widely used wall material is one step of the devour our homes, damaging the ecological environment for human life. The wall material is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the demands of the times, through prohibitions or restrictions on production of solid clay bricks to protect the ecological environment and save resources.