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Building Material Machinery Industry Both Opportunities And Competition

Sep 08, 2016

National building materials Council in proposed accelerated development technology new products of thought Shi pointed out that, development new building materials to around wall body material reform, development a light high strength, using industrial waste of hollow brick, and block brick, and new plate and the chemical building materials products, increased efforts eliminated destroyed land, and waste resources, and pollution environment of solid clay brick production capacity, makes new wall body material by accounted for proportion this year reached 25% above. The new wall materials development is inseparable from the development of new building materials machinery and equipment, and also requires some digestion and absorption of foreign advanced machinery and equipment technology.

The overall level of China's machinery industry, compared with foreign countries, the gap, accession to the WTO to the machinery industry to contribute to the transformation of management mechanism, improve China's machinery industry technology, and accelerating the development progress of machinery industry, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. But the mechanical product of machinery industry cannot rely on foreign, domestic machinery products must not be ignored. After joining the WTO, foreign machinery products will enter the Chinese market, it is more likely a serious squeeze on living space of China machinery enterprise and, therefore, is a full range of challenges facing the domestic machinery industry, domestic entrepreneurs face is intelligence.