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Brick Machine Inspection Of Finished Goods

Sep 08, 2016

Produced by burning-free brick machine brick (brick) should be inspected according to the standard factory sales. Product inspection and testing of separate test. Factory inspection: inspection items are: dimensions, surface quality and strength. Each batch extruder production line factory products must be factory inspection, quality inspection carried out in the factory.

Form test

Test items include all items required by this standard. Who has any of the following circumstances, tests should be carried out.

A. trial production of the new factory setting test;

B. after full production, raw materials, process such a large change occurred, which may affect the product performance;

C. after normal production and once every six months (radioactive substances once a year);

D. factory test results test results when there is a big difference from last time;

E. when the national quality inspection in the form of the oversight bodies.