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1. Payment Terms

Total contract price will be paid by the buyer to the seller as per the followings:

-30% of total contract price will be paid by T/T as down payment.

-70% of total contract price will be paid 70% by T/T before shipment.

Or other terms to be agreed upon. 

2. Delivery Terms

-All machines will be ready for delivery in seller’s workshop within 120 days after the contract come into force (this is under condition that using standard configuration of KEDA-SureMaker).

- If it is required higher configuration above the standard, the delivery time shall be extended accordingly.

3. Packing

To be packed suitable for long distance ocean transportation and well protected against damage, moisture, shock, rust and handling.

The equipment will be kept in covered and guarded areas when it arrives at the Buyer’s plant. All the precautionary measures necessary for the correct protection of the materials will be taken while awaiting its installation.

4. Warranty

The Seller shall guarantee that all the contract equipment are completely brand-new and conform to the technical specifications. The mechanical guarantee on machinery and equipment shall be 12 months from the acceptance date, or 18 months from the date of first delivery of the goods in case the commissioning cannot be carried out due to the Buyer’s reasons. During the warranty period, if the accessories or equipment are damaged, due to the Buyer’s insufficient maintenance or improper operation of the equipment, the Seller will replace or repair it at Buyer’s charge. If the said damages are due to faults in design, poor quality or workmanship, the Seller will replace or repair it at his own cost. 

5. Installation

Includes the following phases:

- Positioning of the equipment in conformity with the plant layout,

- Possible unpacking,

- Assembling of what is necessary for the completion,

- Connection with various electrical, pneumatic, or other supply sources,

- Adjustment of the equipment; leveling; running of motors,

- Idling test of the equipment. 

6. Start-Up

This includes all actions necessary to put the contract equipment in operation until the completion of the production acceptance standards.

Upon what above-mentioned processing finish, the Acceptance Certificate of the Plant shall be issued. 

7. Training

Buyer’s personnel shall be trained at an AAC factory in seller’s country and, further trained at buyer’s contract plant.Seller’s engineer will provide 3 weeks to train the buyer’s operator during commissioning. 

8. Others

a. All taxes and duties including government charge on services, import duty, income tax, and so on, incurred in the Buyer’s country during the implementation of the contract shall be borne by the Buyer.

b. The offer price includes the charge for supervision of installation and start-up. But the boarding, lodging and local transportation for the seller’s technicians shall be at buyer’s account.