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Q1.What's fiber cement board ?

A: It is made of reinforeced material which is synthetic fiber,inorganic mineral fiber or cellulose fiber combined with cementing material which is cement or some cement with siliceous and calcareous material.

Q2. What’s different between fiber cement board and calcium silicate board ?

A: Fiber cement board is made of fiber material and cement which through the pulping, maintain process, Finally the machine compressed the molding. 

Calcium Silicate Board is made of calcium, siliceous and reinforce fiber which through the pulping,molding. Finally it is made for the calcium silicate board under the autoclaved steaming-compressed machine.

Q3. What’s application of fiber cement board ?

A: All kinds of industry and civil building for humidity resistance and fireproof partition wall and ceiling.Good sound insulation to make it suitable for the places with high private places.