Gypsum Block Machine

Product description: Gypsum block is made of building gypsum powder as the main raw material, lightweight aggregate or active material is added, mixed with water (about 30%) and SK additives and stirred, evenly distributed into the cavity of the molding machine, and mechanically formed with hydraulic power.

Product Details

Gypsum Block Machine

Detailed description of gypsum block machine

1.  Gypsum powder weighing warehouse

2. Metering water tank

3. Mixer

4. Molding machine

5. Space fixture

6. Center hydraulic station

7. Electrical control cabinet

8.Stacking manipulator

Advantages of gypsum block:

       1. Fire prevention

When the block is burned by fire, the release of the internal crystal water and the hollow structure can achieve the fireproof effect, and the fire resistance limit is greater than 4.00h. (The thickness of the block is 100mm) The gypsum product has been listed as a non-combustible body in the "Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials" and "Experimental Method for Difficult Performance of Building Materials" promulgated in China in 1998.

2. Heat insulation

The gypsum block is a microporous composite composed of hemihydrate gypsum and light aggregate. These special structures make it have a low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation. (The thermal conductivity of gypsum products is between 0.17-0.28 W/m.k. The thermal insulation performance of gypsum hollow block with thickness of 10 cm is equivalent to 37 cm thick clay brick and 35 cm thick concrete aerated block).

3. Sound insulation

Because the wall material itself has a small density and micropores inside, it has a strong sound absorbing function, and its sound insulation effect is superior to that of concrete and other building materials. At the same time, hollow molding technology can effectively attenuate the sound pressure and slow the transmission of sound energy, and has better sound insulation effect (up to 40 decibels or more).

4. Light weight

The weight of the block is only 600-900kg/m3 according to the thickness, which can reduce the building load and reduce the construction cost. At the same time, lightweight building materials can make buildings more earthquake resistant.

5. Matching precisely, the wall is smooth and flat

The gypsum block made by mechanical forming has high dimensional precision and smooth surface, precise groove matching, no cracking, no deformation and large breaking load. The blocks are dislocated with gypsum binders and no special tools or equipment is required for construction. The plaster block wall surface can be directly put on the wall surface without plastering.

6. Convenient construction

The construction adopts dry construction and the construction speed is fast. Gypsum blocks can be nailed, sawn, planed, repairable, and processed very conveniently. A worker can lay a 20-40m2 gypsum block wall every day. There are through holes in the block, so it is relatively simple to embed the pipeline in the wall. You can use tools to open holes or slots in the wall. After installing the equipment of the pipeline or socket, seal it with gypsum putty.

7. Stable performance

The properties of gypsum products are extremely stable and are not easily deformed or cracked due to temperature and humidity effects. The gypsum hollow block masonry wall adhesive is also made of gypsum material, and the shrinkage coefficient is consistent with the masonry. Therefore, the gypsum block wall itself does not produce cracks.

8. Mature technology

In the 1950s, foreign countries began to produce and apply gypsum blocks. After the improvement of the whole century and engineering tests, a complete product specification system has been formed. Nowadays, China has introduced the product standard and construction atlas of gypsum block, and has been promoted and applied in several major cities in the country for several years, and has been recognized by the majority of the industry.

9. Economical and practical

Due to the cheap material, light weight and short construction period, the total weight of the wall can be reduced by about 8% compared with other hollow brick walls. The corresponding basic steel can be reduced by about 5%, and the comprehensive cost per square meter can be reduced by about 3%, and the indoor area can be increased by 1% to 2%.

10.  Comfortable living

The unique structure of the gypsum block allows the wall to have a breathing function, and excess moisture in the room can be quickly absorbed. When the climate change and humidity is reduced, the moisture can be released again without affecting the firmness of the wall, that is, the function of adjusting the indoor atmospheric humidity can adjust the indoor microclimate. The wall has no condensation when the air humidity is high, and the living is very comfortable.

      11. Green and environment friendly

In the process of producing gypsum blocks, there is basically no waste discharge. During use, no harmful substances are produced. Therefore, gypsum block is a kind of green building material that protects and improves the ecological environment.