Fiber Cement Board Machine

Product Application Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Board(press board) is a new construction material which has been pulping, molding, compression, maintenance and so on. It is based on cement and assist with proper fiber reinforced material. The products are widely used in variety kinds of industrial and domestic construction fields such as external, internal walls, ceilings, sound insulation, and waterproof board for special facility. Combined with keel and filler, it also can used for some framework light board system construction, high-rise building, old building, old building renew, light type workshop, control room and laboraty. Because of its good features like less building cycle, less energy, notable economic benefit, fiber reinforced cement board are favorable all over the world.

Product Details

                                                  Fiber Cement Board Machine

Scope of Supply

Ø Fiber Cement Board Production Line 
Ø Calcium Silicate Board Production line 
Ø Non-Asbestos Tile Production Line

FIber cement board machine


1. Sand Preparation Section    2.Pulp Preparation Section
3.Cement & Auxiliary Material Silo 4.Sand Slurry Storage Tank
5.Cellulose Pulp Storage Pool   6.Batching Section
7.Clean and Recycle Water Tank    8.Sheeting Section
9.Flocculant System     10.Green Sheet Receiving Section      
11.Stacking Section    12.Waste Material Recycle System
13.Pressing System     14.Pre-curing Section
15.Re-stacking Section        16.Cleaning and Oiling Section
17.Autoclave System    18.De-stacking Section
19.Drying System 20.Thickness Sorting System
21.Sanding Section 22.Edging and Chamfering Section
23.Packing and Loading Section 24.Boiler System
25.Air Compressor System   26.Central Control Room

Fiber cement boards are made from non-harmful materials. It uses cement and calcium silicate material as basic materials and composite fiber as reinforcing material and made by high-pressure shaping. It has high density and low moisture content, good mechanical property and weathering performance, stable size and low coefficient of deformation. The boards, as a kind of environment-protection, safe and multi-function senior building boards, are widely used in ceiling decoration, internal wall decoration and external wall insulation.

Working Process

1.Flow-on Process

The slurry process is a method for producing fiber cement products, which is characterized by its being able to use slurry with a large concentration to cover a long endless felt, and the slurry is subjected to vacuum filtration, dehydration, and extrusion molding for many times to form a green sheet of the product.

Flow on process

Fiber Cement Board

2.Hatschek Process 

The hatschek process is to take the material to the surface of the felt by rotating several (usually 3 - 5 pcs) round vat arranged in front of and back, and then lay it continuously on the felt belt. The material will be the blank after reaching a certain thickness.

Hatschek process_副本

Fiber Cement Board Machine

Features of  Fiber Cement Board Making Machine


Manage every corner of the factory

Automatic control system


1.Automatic batching system

Control the addition of various raw materials through the PLC system, so as to strictly control the formula and maintain the stability of product quality.


2. Waste recycling and utilization system

Recover all kinds of waste materials generated in the production process, eliminate the generation of waste water, waste gas and waste residue, and meet the requirements of environmental protection.


3. Data statistics management

Use data to make a statistic of the daily raw material consumption, electricity consumption, water consumption and gas consumption. Use big data to manage factories and improve economic benefits efficiently.


We maintain close contact with Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Omron, B & R, GE and other automation system providers to design, manufacture, program and debug complete sets of automation systems for the equipment, improve the automation level of the entire production line system and enable the production line to operate stably and efficiently.

About our company

SINOPOWER GROUP has a strong R & D capability and deep technical reserve in the fiber cement board / calcium silicate board equipment industry and is at the world’s leading level.


SINOPOWER GROUP integrates engineering design, engineering general contracting, technical consulting, R & D of complete sets of equipment as well as processing and manufacturing in the building materials industry. It has Class A certificates for for new building materials engineering design, engineering general contracting as well as engineering technical consulting, Class Bcertificate for new energy power generation design, and has passed the certification of quality, environment and safety management system.


SINOPOWER GROUP provides the “turnkey project” from pre-sales market analysis, investment analysis, on-site exploration, project planning, raw material inspection and customized design to medium-term equipment design and manufacturing, electrical automation design, equipment packaging and transportation, civil engineering guidance, as well as the final installation and commissioning of equipment, production management of factory, staff training, spare parts supply, equipment upgrading, etc.


SINOPOWER GROUP’s design center has more than 200 engineers, who can give customers the most professional design from process plan, equipment selection to production line layout. The Company also has modern laboratories to help the customers to choose the most suitable raw materials and production formula through the testing of raw materials and final products. Customized services can be provided according to the needs of different customers.


SINOPOWER GROUP’s equipment manufacturing center has a 15000 M² equipment research and development and processing base and provides complete service of production line equipment processing and electrical automation.