Sand/Flyash AAC Block/ AAC Panel Plant

Product Details

Working Process of Sand/Flyash AAC Block / AAC Panel/AAC Block and Panel Production Line

1. All raw material will be transported into factory yard by trucks from wharf. Fly ash or sand will be shoveled into the hopper by the loader. After being measured by the belt scale, they will be conveyed into ball mill for balling. Sand & fly ash could be made to slurry directly in mixer if they are fine enough.

2. Ball-milling slurry will be poured into mixing tank and then be conveyed into storage tank by slurry pump.

3. Lime block will be shoveled into the hopper by the loader and then crushed by jaw crusher. Lime after crushed particles will be sent into vertical lime silo by bucket elevator for storage and then be conveyed into ball mill through enclosed belt conveyor. Lime powder will be transported into lime powder silo by screw conveyor and bucket elevator for storage.

4. Cement will be sent directly into cement silos for storage by tank truck.

5. Each dust point in the production line should be equipped with dust collector for environment protection.

6. Steel bar will be straightened and cut by Rebar Straightening-cutting Machine and thenbe welded into net mesh by Multi-spot Welder. Welded net meshes will be welded into net cages by Spot Welder and then be stored on the suspension bracket. Welded net mesheswill be marshalling assembly through assembly moulds & saddle racks and then be sent to dipping lacquer position. Varnished crane will do some preservative treatments and drying for them. Drying crane send these net cages to pins insertion position. Finally, they will be hoisted to designated location for pins-inserting.

7. Conveyed by slurry pulp and spiral conveyor as well as being accurately measured by electronic scale, all prepared raw materials will be high speed stirred in the pouring mixer.

8. All measurements are under automatically controlling.

9. Empty moulds coated with mold-releasing oil will be sent to ferry car by friction wheel at the same time of measuring and mixing. Pouring ferry car will send them to the pouring position for casting. Mixed raw material will be poured into empty moulds through lifting pouring units. Bubble sorting machine will do some vibration sorting to remove those big bubbles produced during casting when casted moulds leave the pouring position.

10. Moulds will be sent to procuring kiln specify rail for homothermal procuring by procuring ferry car when producing the AAC blocks,

11. Moulds will be sent to pins inserting position by friction wheel and automatically positioned by mould orientation device when producing the AAC panels. Then AAC panels will be sent to procuring kiln specified rail for homothermal procuring after inserting-pins process finished.

Once meet the cutting requirements after being procured, cakes in the moulds will be sent to pins- extracting position. To be automatically positioned by moulds orientation device, assembly racks and steel in the cakes will be extracted out at the same time. Moulds will be sent to tilting table by friction wheel for automatic positioning after extracting the pins. Tilting table which driven by motor & positioned by encoder, hoist moulds automatically. Moulds will be overturned by 90 degree and demoulded on the first cutting car.Moulds and side plate will come back to the rails after demoulding, side plates will be assembly molded again after cleaning. Empty moulds will be hoisted onto return rail for oil coating and another casting.

12. The first cutting car loaded with cakes is driven by servo motor. Cakes will be cut from 6 directions & side grooved when passed by level cutting device. Cakes can be cut into AAC blocks, AAC panels as well as AAC blocks & AAC panels. After level cutting, the cutting car restrains vibration by servo motor, passing by horizontal cutter smoothly and precisely, then it comes to vertical cutter for horizontal cutting, change the cutting car at the same time.Cakes can be cut into AAC blocks, AAC panels as well as AAC blocks & AAC panels.

13. The second car transits the cakes and side plates to semi-finished products crane after cutting and then cakes will be hoisted onto waste overturning platform for up and down waste materials removing.Waste materials produced by cutting and overturning will drop into waste recycling tank and they will be sent back to waste tanks for storage by slurry pump when the waste reaches a certain concentration.

14. Waste-removing cakes will be hoisted to positioned curing cars for pre-marshalling by semi-finished products crane. Pre-marshalled curing cars will be transited onto ferry cars by frication gear. Ferry cars send them to rails before the autoclave. All curing cars for one autoclave will be conveyed into autoclave by chain conveyor automatically after the whole pre-marshalling.

15. Cakes in the autoclave become into final products through vacuumizing, heating, constant temperature, and air exhausting. Final products then will be conveyed out automatically by chain conveyor. Released mechanism goes on unhooking process automatically; curing cars will be transited onto ferry car after autoclave and then be sent back to curing return rails for automatic positioning.Dismantle crane will hoist the final products on the curing car to side plate chain conveyor line of separating machine.

16. AAC block or AAC panel should be separated by the separator, then be sent to the packing line by the clamping machine. After packed could be sent to final product yard by forklift.

17. 2 moulds will be combined by clapping machine after movable separator finishes the separating process. Final products will be transmitted to the pallets on the chain conveyor line.   

18. Pallets will be sent out automatically and directly transmitted out of the factory and then they will be sent to the final products yard by forklifts.

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