Fiber Cement Board Production Line Machinery

Product Details

Fiber Cement Board/Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

Sinopower could supply full automatic 1,000,000m2-8,000,000m2 per year fiber cement board/calcium silicate board/tile production line.The whole production line including raw material system,paper pulp system, slurry making system, board production system, forming system,press boosting system,after processing system. The raw materials of cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives through our machine production line could make fiber cement board/calcium silicate board/tile.Our machine could make the board thickness from 3.5-30mm, size 1220*2440 or 1200*2400mm and other specification is available. It's a kind of high-tech product which formed through accurate dosing by computer program, hatcheck craft and compressed by 14000tons hydraulic machine and autoclave under high temperature and pressure. The final products could use for interior and exterior wall/furred ceiling/insulation materials, floor/road barrier/sound-adsorbing wall and suspended ceiling.


Round Sieve Cylinder Cage System Working Principle:

There are four outlets at the bottom of mixer and slurry is distributed into four cages. The each cage is equipped with liquid level control, sieve cages are cleaned with clean water by booster pump. Slurry is absorbed on felt by Hatschek technology, then compacted by crouch roller, drained by vacuum pump and vacuum chamber. Then the preformed board blanket is rolled on forming roller, which compact on blanket by crouch roller. The moisture content inside board blanket is about 27%-35%. The waste water is pumped back to backwater tank for recycling use when it reach certain value.


Machine Head System Working Principle:

The chest roller drive blankets and blankets driven forming cylinder rotation, after compact by forming cylinder and roller, the material will stick on the surface the forming cylinder, when the blank thickness is reach requirement, the knife will cut automatically. The thickness of blank could make it according to customer’s requirement by electrical thickness gauge,PLC and magnetic valve.

Three Position Pneumatic Stacking Machine

Working Principle:

The template sucker hold the template into the specified location, then the board sucker hold the the board on the template. Like this working form, the template and board stacking alternately..

Four Position Pneumatic De-stacker Machine

Working Principle:

After 4 to 5 hours precuring, the board and template mixing car moving to the under of de-stacking machine, start to separate the board and template. The demolding board will go to next processing.

The template sucker hold the template to rolling way of oil brushing machine. It will clean and brush oil on the template. The template will move to three position stacking machine for recycling use.


Press Working Principle:

There are two kinds of press machine, up lifting and depress press, up lifting press is more popular. The press is composed of 6 pressing cylinders and 2 lift cylinders. The filling valve is used to control the oil discharge and refuel of 6 main cylinders. The oil cylinder is controlled by hydraulic station and electric system and ensure the press and lift process of cylinder. Pressure sensor will indicate the press and balance of cylinder and PLC control system will meet customer requirement..

The after processing system including board loader,dryer,sanding machine,polishing machine,squaring and chamfering machine,board palletizing machine and dust remover.

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