AAC Panel Machine For Construction

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AAC panel machine for construction, to meet the specific requirements of the market and customers. As a new building material, AAC panel machine fulfills the demand of concrete industry, which requires to save the natural resources and protect the environment. With Germany technology and our own R&D as well as decades of experience, we provide our customers with high quality AAC panel machine and services with capacity ranging from 50,000m3 to 350,000m3 per year. 

AAC panels can be used directly on the interior walls of various architectural structures such as hotels, schools, hotels, offices, commercial buildings, residential buildings, etc. It can also be used directly on the façades of various building structures due to its excellent thermal and thermal insulation properties , To meet the national energy-saving insulation requirements.

AAC panel in construction usage

AAC panel in construction usage

AAC panel machine for construction

AAC panel machine for construction

AAC panel machine for building material

AAC panel machine for building material

AAC panel machine for construction Advantages

Large variety of sizes: AAC panel for construction enjoys a large variety of sizes, from standard blocks to large reinforced panels.

Excellent thermal insulation: AAC panel achieves very high thermal energy efficiency due to its very low thermal conductivity. This benefits the saving on heating and cooling costs.

Extremely light weight: AAC panel weighs approximately 50% less than other comparable building products.

High compressive strength: Its solid structure makes it highly load bearing. The entire surface area is used in structural calculations to improve its strength.

High dimensional accuracy: Thanks to its dimensional accuracy, AAC panel is extremely easy to install, as no thick mortar is required.

Great acoustic insulation: Its porous structure provides a high acoustic insulation.

High fire resistance: AAC panel has an extremely high fire rating of at least 4 hours and more.

Termite resistance: AAC panel cannot be damaged by termites or insects.

High workability: Thanks to its excellent size/weight ratio, the construction with AAC panel is very rapid. Although AAC panel is a solid building material, it can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed and milled like wood. This benefit makes it an extremely workable product. 

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