AAC Block /Panel Machine

AAC Block /Panel Machine The AAC block and panel machine is used for large-scale production of autoclave aerated concrete blocks and panel. There are many benefits involved in using AAC blocks, including light weight, unique thermal propert y , high strength, exceptional seismic performance,...

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AAC Block /Panel Machine

The AAC block and panel machine is used for large-scale production of autoclave aerated concrete blocks and panel. There are many benefits involved in using AAC blocks, including light weight, unique thermal property, high strength, exceptional seismic performance, great work ability, good resistance to high temperature, maximum sound insulation and excellent adaptability. Therefore, the AAC block and panel is often used to form the inner or outer leaf of cavity wall for over-ground or underground buildings. With considerable expertise in integrating electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic technologies into one solution, we have designed the AAC block and panel production line with unique processes as well as innovative mechanical and control systems. This line is very efficient at producing quality AAC blocks and panel. Its integrated technologies have reached the domestically advanced level.

Technical Parameter:






Capacity (m3/year)





Block Size(m3)  





Installation Power(kw)





Production Cycle( mould/min) 





Workshop Area(m2) 





Plant Area(m2) 





With decades of experience in serving the AAC blocks production machinery industry, we can supply customers with quality AAC block and panel production lines with capacity ranging from 50,000 m3 to 350,000 m3 per year.

Pouring and Control System

According to a certain ratio of raw materials, cement, lime, gypsum and aluminum powder of the liquid, make it mixed and fully reacted, then the mixture will be injected into the mold box on time. The mixing strength and time in the tank has a great impact for the quality of aerated concrete. For AAC Panel making customers, they could choose high speed mixer and lifted pouring nozzle. It could reduce splashing.


1. Drilling cylinder,small motor, rotating speed 500RPM

2. High speed mixing type, fast stirring speed,rotating speed 1400RPM

3. Bearing not connect with the cylinder, it better for bearing lubrication and use long time

Autoclave & Automatic Cutting System

Autoclave System

The loading car transports AAC cakes into autoclave, inside it is with temperature 190and steam pressure 1.2MPa, autoclaving cycle is 12 hours. The tail steam of the autoclave will be recycled into other autoclaves and/or to curing zone by pipe for completely utilization.

Automatic Cutting System

1. Cut out building block length

2. Cut out rabbet and notch

3. The distance of cutters could be adjusted to adapt to insufficient aeration of green body

4. The whole system includes Vertical and Horizontal Cutting Machine. Especially, about Cross Cutting Machine, we adopts Germany technology -- Unique lifting-cutting technology, which can not only improve cutting accuracy, but also improve production speed and production efficiency.

Separator & Block Clamping Machine

Separator: to adopts advanced Germany technology, there are fixed type and movable type. The new design improves running speed, and also guarantee the rate of final-products. Each cylinder is under independent control, which is convenient for quality inspection.

The most advantage is to separate 50mm AAC Panels and Blocks easily and successfully.

AAC Block Clamping Machine: to make 2 AAC cakes into one more big cake, which is suitable for packing.

Other Main AAC Equipment

Tilting Table: the cake after cutting is put on the turning table with the side plate together. The cake and the bottom plate get touched by moving the hydro-cylinder of the car. Then the turning table, the side plate and the cake turn 90 degrees by turning the hydro-cylinder. The cake is then moved out, and wiped off the waste by moving the hydro-cylinder. The waste layer is removed away from cake top and bottom also.

Automatic Packing System: Pallet will be transported on the chain conveyor by distributor device, and Clamping will take the cake onto the moving pallets. After loading, each pallet with AAC cake keeps moving into belt packing system.

Side-plate Cleaning Device: It’s the online automatic working method, to remove all the dust on side plate. It guarantee the fresh cake bottom on the same level without sticking.

Automatic AAC Panel Making Equipment

AAC Panel Making Equipment is composed of drilling-steel grouping, steel-mesh welding machine, anti-rust liquid tank, drilling-steel crane, drying chamber and etc. The final product, AAC panels, is used widely in construction fields, especially for assembly construction buildings.

Drilling-steel Grouping

Anti-rust Liquid Tank

Automatic Steel-mesh Welding Machine: The welding machine is a steel plate material automatic processing after welded section automatic welding machine steel mesh, it is special design for AAC panel production, the mesh width is 600mm, and the length can be adjustable.

Drilling-steel Crane

Drying Chamber

AAC Block/Panel Specifications & Applications

AAC Blocks: in the market, 1).the main size: 600 * 200 * 125mm;  600 * 250 * 200mm;  600 * 300 * 100mm, 

                                           600 * 300 * 150mm;   600 * 300 * 200mm;  600 * 300 *250mm.

                                           2). Density: 525kg/m3  ( B05 ),  625kg/m3 ( B06 )  725kg/m3 ( B07)

AAC Panels:  1) Size: Max. 6000mm; Min. Not less than 1500mm

                2) Thickness: 75/100/125/150/180/200/250/300mm

                3) Type: External/internal wall panel, roofing panel, floor panel, lintel panel

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