AAC Block /AAC Panel/AAC Lintel

Product Details

AAC Block

AAC Blocks are cut on all six faces with extreme accuracy and installed by the use of a thin bed adhesive mortar to provide and complete and consistent wall strength. The strength of the AAC wall is about 80% of the AAC Block itself while clay brick wall is only 30%. In Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai region, AAC Blocks are very popular. They are intended for use in non-load bearing wall, loading-bearing wall and thermal insulation applications.


In-fill Block

Thanks to its light weight, the AAC Block is widely used in non-load-bearing walls.

In addition to its versatility, the AAC Block is characterized by its ease of working and construction. The blocks can easily be saw. This result in a relatively high-rise project. The construction advantages of the AAC Block are light weight, simple to lay, quick to assemble, simple to saw/cut and chase and it has unlimited finishing possibilities. The AAC Block is there for very efficient for house construction, commercial and industrial buildings.


Load-bearing Block

AAC Block can also meet structural requirements for erecting load-bearing walls. It has unlimited construction possibilities and good building physical properties.



AAC steel reinforced lintels are supplementary components used in conjunction with the blocks and are widely used over portals, doors, windows and fireplaces. It has been proven that using AAC lintels can accelerate the construction time and reduce the labor cost compared with traditional methods.


Composed of the same raw material as AAC Block, AAC lintel ensures the wall is solid and free from material incompatibility with AAC Block and avoids thermal bridging combined with a uniform substrate for rendering.


The size of AAC lintels can be customized in line with the opening and wall thickness up to a maximum clear span of 3000mm. The reinforcement rebar is the key factor of the AAC lintel and guarantees the correct load bearing capacity. Various types of lintels are available depending on the purpose.


AAC Lintels for Non-Load bearing walls

Use for any non-load bearing walls. These lintels are available for openings having a clear length of up to 2600mm. The bearing length of support on both ends must be at least 200mm.The thickness of AAC lintel should always be consistent with the wall thickness.


AAC Lintel for Load bearing walls

Use for any bearing walls. There are lintels are available for openings having a clear length of up to 2500mm. The bearing length of support must be at least 200mm. For openings over 1300mm, the bearing length of support on both ends is recommend at least 250mm.The thickness of AAC lintel should always be consistent with the wall thickness.


AAC panel

External Wall Panel

AAC External Wall Panels are designed especially for use as external walls, in-fill panels, facades or cladding. Thanks to AAC’s high thermal insulating properties, considerable energy is saved reducing air-conditioning requirements. In addition, plain or patterned AAC panels can provide an attractive external appearance for a building. All the panels are factory-made under the most stringent quality controls, which cover all aspects of production and performance. The panels are generally designed to span vertically between two floors or horizontally between two columns or shear wall.


Internal Wall Panel

AAC Panel is made from a single homogenous and solid material reinforced with steel mesh with thickness of 75, 100 and 150mm. It is an ideal substitution for conventional concrete block wall for internal partitioning. The AAC Panel is tailor-made to headroom in full height without any horizontal joints on the panel which in turn provides better rigidity and stability for the wall.


Slab/Roof Panel

AAC Slab/Roof Panel are manufactured under the most stringent quality controls. The lightweight and high strength characteristic make AAC Slab/Roof Panels ideally suitable for high-rise reinforced concrete and steel structure buildings.

AAC Slab/Roof Panels are dimensionally precise and extremely light weight for simple and fast installation. No formwork is required and AAC panels are ready to be erected right after delivery which reduces quality control on-site.

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